Got a senior session coming up? Check out these tips to prepare and get the most out of your session.

Plan Ahead

Select the Right Photographer: Research photographers in your area and review their portfolios. Choose someone whose style aligns with your vision for the shoot.

  1. Book in Advance: Photographers tend to have busy schedules, especially during peak seasons. Schedule your session well in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Preparing Your Look

  1. Outfit Selection: Choose outfits that represent your style and personality. Avoid busy patterns or logos that might distract from your face. Consider a mix of casual, formal, and fun attire for variety. It also helps to know your setting. Will there be a lot of greens, dark areas, or autumn colors? Wear clothing that will contrast but not be too bright. Your photographer can advise you on this.
  2. Grooming: Plan haircuts, trims, or any grooming sessions a week before the shoot to ensure a fresh and polished look. For makeup, opt for a natural look that enhances your features.

Location and Props

  1. Location Scouting: Discuss location options with your photographer. Whether it's a scenic outdoor spot, a favorite hangout, or a studio setting, ensure it aligns with your vision.
  2. Props and Personal Touches: Consider bringing props that hold significance to your high school journey—a musical instrument, sports gear, or even a pet. These items can add depth and personality to your portraits.

Relax and Be Yourself

  1. Relaxation is Key: On the day of the shoot, stay relaxed and natural. Trust your photographer's guidance for poses and expressions—they're there to capture your best self.
  2. Be Authentic: Let your personality shine through. Whether you're outgoing, contemplative, or somewhere in between, embrace your uniqueness.

Final Touches

  1. Review Portfolios for Inspiration: Look through senior portrait galleries online to get ideas for poses, settings, and styles you might like.
  2. Communication is Key: Discuss your ideas, preferences, and any concerns with your photographer beforehand to ensure they understand your vision.


Your senior portrait session is a celebration of your achievements and a marker of this momentous time in your life. By planning ahead, selecting the right outfits, location, and props, and allowing your authentic self to shine, you'll have a memorable and enjoyable photo session that captures the essence of who you are as you step into your next chapter.

Remember, it's not just about perfect poses and smiles—it's about embracing your journey and commemorating this exciting phase of your life in a way that feels uniquely you.

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