Let me clarify...

For years I took photos of anything and everything; landscapes, family, sports, and city streets. Whatever caught my eye, I'd capture it. As I've moved more into the professional world and have started to work more and more with others, I've found that there is a particular "style"(?) that I'm falling in love with...candid, i.e. spontaneous moments.

Maybe, possibly, probably, this is what most photographers are aiming for but these are by far the best moments to catch. Candid is people in their element. Candid is people being themselves, relaxing, and having fun. It's forgetting that the camera is there and staring into the eyes of your loved one, enjoying watching your children play, working on a project oblivious to the photographer in the room. These are in my opinion, the best moments to capture. They are people being authentic. So overused (authentic) I know but I'm at a loss for what else to call it.

That's great Jeff. So what?

Well, the reason why I share this is because again, in my opinion, a great photographer knows not only how to capture these moments, but how to get their clients there. They "allow" clients to be themselves and not worry about all the externals. And truthfully, isn't this what we want to come away with? Photos that show us who we are, how we are, and not all posed and perfect? I think the latter is the minority.

You are here likely because you are looking for a photographer. I'm here to tell you that if you are wanting to have fun, let the kids run around, dance with a dip (dance move, not a person) then let's talk. To me, this sounds like a lot of fun!