In May 2023, Life to the Full Photography became part of the Life to the Full Creative business. Previously, it was just an Etsy shop and YouTube channel. What they say in photography is that you need a niche. Some photographers really niche down; weddings, newborns, etc... but others keep it a little broader which is what I'm choosing to do. I love to photograph anything and everything but what I'm quickly falling in love with above all else is sports!

Sports photography is challenging. It's action packed and the edits can be difficult. That's why I'm really enjoying it. I enjoy sessions with seniors and families too but with sports, there's no, "hold that pose" or "look this way". It's getting your lens pointing to the right place and focusing on the right thing, at the right time - plus aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Athletes aren't necessarily looking their best. Sports are raw, sweaty, and dirty. It takes a good edit (along with a good shot) to make the finished product something worth sharing.

So, that's where I am right now. Interests may change over time but for now, I want sports to be my main focus. Are you an athlete? Let's talk. I know from experience that high school and college athletics fly by and once you're out, it's just rec for most of us. Preserve those moments so you can have some bragging rights with your kids!